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Reticular shadows in the lower lobes on a radiograph are of little help in making a diagnosis. Therefore, confirmation requires HRCT and mandatory surgical biopsy of lung tissue. Histologists usually observe a picture of inflammation and fibrosis in this form - it can be focal in nature, combined with areas of unchanged lung tissue.

When making a diagnosis, it is necessary to buy metoprolol online with lung damage due to systemic scleroderma, polymyositis or damage to the interstitium by certain drugs, as well as hypersensitivity pneumonitis (outdated name pneumonitis). Treatment of interstitial pneumonia of this form is reduced to the administration of corticosteroids and immunosuppressants. The prognosis depends on the severity of fibrosis, but in general there is a 10-year survival rate. Smokers are again in the spotlight, with men getting sick more often. This form of the disease is characterized by a combination of an inflammatory process in the small bronchi (bronchioles), occurring against the background of any other lesion of the interstitial tissue. This may include idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. There is a great similarity with desquamative interstitial pneumonia, however, with this pathology the process is not as extensive. The main complaints patients make are cough and shortness of breath, although the severity of symptoms is much less. Moist rales are heard over the lung fields.

X-rays reveal mesh or nodular darkening of various shapes, including ring-shaped, thickened bronchial walls, and hyperplasia of surrounding tissues. During a functional study, signs of two processes are observed - obstruction and restriction of the bronchi. Treatment of this pathology requires complete cessation of smoking, which significantly improves the prognosis for life. Corticosteroids are indicated. To clarify, it is worth defining the differences in terminology. Pneumonia is an acute infectious disease with focal damage to the respiratory tract and the presence of intra-alveolar exudate. Pneumonitis is an inflammation of non-infectious, often immune origin, which affects the interstitial tissue of the lung and is not accompanied by intra-alveolar effusion.

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In fact, everything stated above relates to the description of symptoms of metoprolol pills, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia is probably a separate nosological form. Its incidence and prevalence are unknown, but it is probably the second most common of all forms of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia (accounting for 14 to 36% of reported cases). Most cases are recorded in patients with systemic connective tissue diseases, drug-induced IBLAP or chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. In some cases, the etiology of the disease remains unknown.

Symptoms of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia.

Symptoms of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia are similar to those of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Most patients are between 40 and 60 years of age. Cough and shortness of breath are present for many months and years. Diagnosis of nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. X-ray of the chest organs reveals mainly an increase in the pulmonary pattern in the lower sections. Bilateral infiltrates may also occur. HRCT reveals bilateral ground-glass opacities, bilateral foci of consolidation, irregularly shaped linear structures, and bronchial dilatation. Ground glass opacity is the predominant finding in most cases and the only sign of disease in approximately one third of cases.

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The main feature of histological changes in nonspecific interstitial pneumonia is the development of homogeneous inflammation and fibrosis, which is the opposite of the heterogeneity of foci of inflammation in ordinary interstitial pneumonia. The lesions are usually identical, but the process can be focal, with separate areas of lopressor pills. Cellularity is rare.

Most patients have a good prognosis after treatment with glucocorticoids.

What is the prognosis for nonspecific interstitial pneumonia? In 1965, the disease was first differentiated into the following five types. giant cell interstitial pneumonia, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia, bronchiolitis obliterans with interstitial pneumonia, desquamative intersticial pneumonia and usual interstitial pneumonia.

Over time, the first two variants left the group as their etiological factors were established.

Katzenstein identified four variants of the disease. nonspecific, acute, desquamative and usual interstitial pneumonia. Bronchiolitis obliterans was not included in this classification, since its causes areviruses or inhalation of toxins.

In the end, in 2001, by international agreement, 7 types of pneumonia of interest to take lopressor online. Included in the classification. lymphoid interstitial pneumonia, desquamative interstitial pneumonia, respiratory bronchiolitis, acute interstitial pneumonia, cryptogenic organizing pneumonia, nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis.